Founded by Luigi Lorenzon in 1992, Synthesis is a distinguished Italian manufacturing company with almost 6 decades of experience in providing premium hi-fi electronics to the audio market. Specialising in one-of-a-kind valve amplifier designs, the company boasts several awards in their industry as well as a multitude of steadfast fans from all across the globe.

Synthesis is committed to the most stringent attention to detail across their design and manufacturing process, with every single unit they offer being entirely made by hand in Italy.

Their 15W NIMIS amplifier was a decisive moment in the brands’ history that led to the hugely widespread popularity that they enjoy today. Synthesis’ use of push-pull designs and particular experience in transformers has placed the brand at the forefront of the high-end home audio market.

The brands’ valve amplifiers also have widespread application, with their unique and versatile designs allowing them to be used alongside a great variety of modern home audio setups.

Synthesis additionally produces a plethora of source equipment and accessories, providing full sound system solutions from start to finish. Their core principles flow through every aspect of what they do: to deliver exceptional engineering and exceptional sound quality, representing the true art in music.

Their products exude a timeless style and aesthetic elegance that cannot be matched by many other audio brands. Constantly evolving and discovering advances in technological research along with maximal attention to every little detail allows Synthesis to remain strongly at the helm of the modern home hi-fi market.