Thorens is a Swiss manufacturer that has been manufacturing high-end audio equipment for over 125 years and is the oldest name in entertainment electronics.

The company was first established in 1883 in Ste Croix in the Swiss Jura when Hermann Thorens had the company entered in the commercial register. The purpose of the company was to manufacture music boxes and musical works, and they are renowned historically for the range of phonographs they produce.

It was in 1928 that they produced the first electric record player in their line. The company then went on to create a range of audiophile record players in the 1950s and 1960s which are, even today, regarded as high-end audio equipment and are much sought-after. During this time, the company moved to Germany, then later returned to Switzerland.

Since then, Thorens has gained recognition in the marketplace for its popular high-quality turntables and analog ancillaries such as amplifiers and harmonicas. The company has utilised their vast experience in creating quality analog products, and part of their line offers superb, quality turntables that range from simple-to-use entry-level models to high-end professional turntables. Their turntables combine innovative technology with spectacular performance. Thorens also manufacturer tonearms and analog accessories for their brand.

In 2002 the company was re-organised, and new management appointed to relaunch the brand. Then in 2018, Gunter Kuerton, former CEO of ELAC and Denon founded the new Thorens GmbH, bringing the company back to Germany. Now based in Germany’s Analog Valley, they continue to manufacture well-regarded turntables.