Topping was born in 2008 out of Guangzhou, China. A progressive brand placing a substantial focus on R&D, they deem that a blend of measurement and hearing produces the finest recipe for true audio success. The results of their efforts are clear within their product lines, which comprise excellent quality USB DACs, as well as class D amplifiers, all at impressive price points.

The company have more recently invested heavily into professional audio testing machinery to ensure peak performance is realised, time after time. In 2016 and 2019, Topping purchased some of the chief testing equipment in the business from Audio Precision (APx555 and APx555B) for both mass production testing and R&D purposes. They have effectively established their R&D department to include a carefully selected group of qualified, skilled senior engineers and audiophiles.

Every product that embarks on their testing and development process undergoes a rigorous set of assessments. Once the required performance is met, the hearing adjustment stage commences. These parameters are rechecked once a satisfactory sound is attained and subsequently undergo further refinements if necessary.

The firm stands strong in its original beliefs whilst continually pursuing improved concepts and developments, winning them the recognition of many a seasoned audiophile across the globe.