Triangle is a French manufacturer of high fidelity speakers. The company was established by Renaud de Vergnette, and since its inception almost 40 years ago, it has been based in a purpose-built building in Soissons in the region of Hauts-de-France.

The Triangle team of technicians are passionate developers and designers concerned only with producing products of the highest calibre and with much of the work done by hand. The team of engineers and technicians continuously seek to improve and innovate, and since the very beginning, the company has made technological research and innovation a priority. This is one of the main reasons that Triangle loudspeakers are unique.

On-site, the dedicated team assemble all of the brand’s speakers, including compact, floor-standing and centre speakers, alongside subwoofers in the Magellan and Signature ranges.

In France, Triangle was awarded 21 Gold Diapasons for its superb and uncompromised sound reproduction quality. This is a sound that embodies the emotion and the beauty of music. This is Triangle’s aim! To allow every listener to enjoy music as if they were at a live concert immersed in the music.

The state of the art factory itself includes a fascinating museum where the first speakers developed by Renaud de Vergnette, the Triangle 1180 speaker, are displayed. There is also an anechoic chamber, space where the performance of each speaker can be measured. Additionally, there are auditoriums where the full speaker experience can be enjoyed. Indeed, Triangle is committed to conducting comprehensive tests for all its products to ensure quality audio.