Unison Research

Led by Giovanni Maria Sacchetti, a group of intensely passionate audiophiles founded hi-fi brand Unison Research in 1987. Sacchetti grew up pursuing studies in electronics and went on to combine this with his unrivalled passion for music. This premium audio brand is now recognised as the Italian leader in its class as well as being amongst the top ten European producers of tube amplifiers.

Characterised by attention to detail, elegant styling and superior quality materials, Unison Research products are created through an entirely Italian process from design all the way through to production, allowing the highest level of control over the quality of the end products.

Their strong belief that hi-fidelity music reproduction should be a pleasure for the ears as well as the eyes creates a highly desirable product line with a host of fans worldwide. The obvious passion and desire to provide endless enjoyment through listening and looking is what shines through Unisons’ entire product line.

The TRIODE20 integrated amplifier shot Unison Research to popularity, with its successor, the SIMPLY TWO only adding to the brands’ success. Their international acclaim happened quickly as they were soon recognised by experts and users as a brand of the highest quality and performance standards.

Over the years, the brand has amassed further experience and continue to implement in-depth research into future high-performance audio products to bring to the market. Their latest offering, the UNICO DUE, is a direct result of tried and tested Unison methods alongside some key groundbreaking elements and improvements for superior sound reproduction.

Unison Research