Vertere Acoustics was founded by Touraj Moghaddam, one of the most respected names in the British Hi-Fi industry. His name is instantly recognisable as one of the original founders of Roksan audio equipment in the mid 1980’s, and he is undoubtedly best known for his work on turntable design including the Xerxes and TMS3.

A music lover himself, with a prized collection of over 10,000 records, Moghaddam has developed several award-winning products during his career and was able to use his decades of knowledge and his outstanding vision to create Vertere Acoustics in 2009.

Interestingly, Vertere Acoustics was focused initially on the design and production of high-end cables, and it wasn’t until 2013 that the company produced a record player.

Since 2013, Vertere’s aim has been simple, and that is to develop innovative solutions. The company has consistently increased its range of vinyl-related products and is now proud to include high-end turntables, decks, arms, cartridges and supports as part of their range. It’s unique and eye-catching designs all come with a clear promise: to enhance your system with a variety of ‘no compromise’ high-end products.

Vertere’s range of turntables are some of the very best examples of audiophile engineering. Every component is custom-built, using optimum materials, machined perfectly and thoroughly examined to ensure perfect sound. Decades of audio and mechanical engineering experience mean that the attention to detail is second to none with the result being consistent and highest precision standards.