Yamaha is a Japanese multinational corporation, first founded in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer. Since then, they have expanded exponentially over the years, with the company first entering into the production and supply of top-quality audio equipment in around the 1950s.

The firm is now known globally as market leaders in the audio industry for their enormous range of quality products based upon a wealth of long-standing experience. Yamaha provides a wide variety of audio equipment to both the casual and professional user with their key hallmarks being reliability of the product, ease of use, as well as solid, sturdy build quality and an exceptional quality of sound, guaranteed.

Yamaha audio products offer a wealth of flexible configurations, allowing the user to build the perfect home or professional set up to suit their exact and specific needs. The majority of their audio offerings include automatic and manual system calibration.

They are also well known for their multi-room ranges, allowing users to bring an immersive home theatre and enveloping entertainment feel into the comfort of their own homes. They offer an enormous range of products for modern-day living including, but certainly not limited to, sound-bars, wireless speakers, AV receivers, wireless streaming amplifiers, hi-fi components and hi-fi systems. All of these products come in at a variety of price points to suit virtually every budget and come with the promise of a well-made product that will last for years to come.