How to Set Up a 7.1 Speaker System

Correct setup of surround sound 7.1 speaker system

How to Set Up a 7.1 Speaker System

Many people love the sound of centre channel speakers and bring them home, hoping they’ll be simple to install. It can involve a bit more attention than the plug-and-play aspect of a sound bar, but if you follow the exact instructions from the box, and your installation diagram, they shouldn’t be too difficult to install.

If you are curious about how to set up your speakers before you decide on a 7.1 speaker system, we’ll assist you with the best way to set one up step-by-step.


What is the Difference Between 5.1 and 7.1?

A 7.1 speaker system offers more audio channels than a 5.1 setup. A 5.1 has 5, while 7.1 has seven. The seven doesn’t include the subwoofer, which is present in the .1 of the configuration. When all the speakers have been installed in your living room, or home theatre room, you’ll have a full surround sound listening experience.

The seven speakers will comprise the following channels: left, right, and centre, left surround, right surround, left back, and right back, and your subwoofer.


Best 7.1 Speaker Configuration

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