KEF Revamps R Series Speakers with Advanced Metamaterial Technology

KEF Revamps R Series Speakers with Advanced Metamaterial Technology


KEF, a renowned audio company, has introduced updates to its R Series speakers, incorporating innovative Metamaterial technology. This technology, known as MAT (Metamaterial Absorption Technology), has been added to the seven-model range along with other performance-enhancing features. The R Series speakers sit in the middle of KEF’s product lineup, between its Q Series and The Reference series, and are designed for both hi-fi and home cinema use.

MAT technology is a circular, plastic structure that sits behind the tweeter and effectively absorbs 99% of the unwanted distorting sound that radiates from the cone’s rear into the cabinet. This technology has proven to be very effective in KEF speakers that have it, winning KEF the Innovation of the Year Award when it was first introduced. The latest R Series speakers are equipped with the latest version of MAT technology, making them even better at reducing distortion and producing a clear, accurate sound.

In addition to the MAT technology, the R Series speakers also feature the 12th generation of KEF’s Uni-Q driver, a hallmark of KEF’s speaker design. The Uni-Q driver has been further improved with tweaks and modifications to the design, including a refined tweeter gap damper for better resonance control, a more flexible decoupling chassis for improved vibration dampening, and an enhanced crossover design for improved sound quality. All of these changes combine to produce a more transparent sound than the previous generation of R Series speakers.


The seven models in the R Series lineup include the R3 Meta, the only standmounter in the series, and the R11 Meta, R7 Meta, and R5 Meta floorstanders. For those who want to use the R Series for home cinema applications, there are two center speakers available: the R6 Meta and R2 Meta, which can also be used in an LCR configuration. Additionally, the Dolby Atmos-compatible R8 Meta surround module can be wall-mounted or placed on top of another speaker. Although the R Series doesn’t have its own subwoofer, KEF would be happy to suggest its current models, such as the Kube 12b and KF92.


The new R Series speakers are available in a choice of black gloss, white gloss, and walnut finishes, with special edition finishes for the R3 Meta and R7 Meta available in Indigo Gloss and Titanium Gloss, respectively. The sleek design of these speakers will blend seamlessly into any home cinema or hi-fi setup.

Pricing for the new R Series speakers per pair is as follows:

With innovative Metamaterial technology, a refined Uni-Q driver, and various design improvements, the R Series promises a more transparent, accurate sound than ever before. The new R Series speakers are available now, and special edition finishes will be available later in the summer 2023.

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