New Pro-Ject X8 Turntable and S3 B / DS3 B Phono Preamps

New Pro-Ject X8 Turntable and S3 B / DS3 B Phono Preamps

Multi-award-winning manufacturer of eminent hi-fi equipment Pro-Ject has just announced the exciting launch of three fresh products now available for purchase in the UK: The X8 turntable at £2,099.00 and matching Phono Box S3 B at £349.00, as well as the Phono Box DS3 B, coming in at £529.00.

All of these exclusively produced in Europe items employ the brands’ “True Balanced” concept, something which was previously only accessible via high-end or bespoke analogue systems. Despite all Pro-Ject turntables by nature operating with balanced signal sources, the noticeable benefits of True Balanced Connection technology within their new offerings are now attainable to an even greater number of vinyl fanatics. The key advantages of these True Balanced Connections include increased dynamics, interference-free signal transmission and enhanced signal to noise ratios.

A whole host of everyday devices can cause interference that’s picked up by the interconnect cable between record player and phono stage. This can be anything from wi-fi and Bluetooth devices to power cables, audio amplifiers and even common household appliances. RCA, or unshielded interconnects can amplify this noise, which in turn affects the musical signal and becomes audible through your speakers.

On the other hand, balanced (typically XLR) cable connections avoid this issue, by doubling the wires that carry the musical signal and inverting one side. What this means is that although noise is still picked up through both wires, it’s effectively cancelled out by the opposing signals when they unite at the phono stage. The result? A crisper, sharper and cleaner musical signal that has doubled in size with all of that pesky noise removed.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer:

The X8 turntable

The very first turntable from the brand to feature True Balanced Connection technology, the X8 is a mass-loaded, high-end product that sits between the X2 and Xtension 9, adapting several enviable features from its larger siblings without the premium price tag. It boasts an oversized, heavyweight wooden plinth, a precision-lathed, TPE-damped aluminium main platter and a 9-inch Evolution tonearm, providing an attractive total turntable solution.

  • Heavy mass loaded 15 kg belt drive turntable
  • Electronic speed control 33/45 rpm 
  • True Balance ready
  • Pro-Ject 9cc Evolution carbon tonearm

The Phono Box DS3 B

A dual-mono, fully discrete moving magnet and moving coil phono stage possessing balanced inputs and outputs, the Phono Box DS3 B offers plenty of customisability and will act as an excellent upgrade to current mid to high-end analogue hi-fi setups at an affordable price point.

  • Balanced & single ended in- & outputs
  • Fully symmetrical & discrete gain stage
  • Fully discrete audio circuitry – NO Op-amps
  • Precise MC cartridge matching

The Phono Box S3

Finally, we have the Phono Box S3. This similarly accessible and compact moving coil and moving magnet phono stage features a roomy yet understated design, balanced inputs and outputs, discrete circuitry and a dual-mono layout. Again, it benefits from ample customisation options in order to integrate seamlessly with any connected cartridge, whilst providing unrivalled performance for its price tag.

  • MM and MC Capable
  • Dual Mono Design
  • Semi-Passive RIAA Equalisation
  • Superior low noise / low distortion

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