Pro-Ject Debut Pro vs Pro-Ject X1

Pro-Ject Debut Pro vs Pro-Ject X1

The reaction to the new Debut PRO has been overwhelming, but there are a few questions that have been posed by our customers, which we would like to clarify below:

Is the Debut PRO a competitor to the X1?
Why is the X1 more expensive & also is it better than the Debut PRO?
Is the X1 still a relevant product?

The answer is clear: Yes, the X1 is still an important product, although it is aimed at achieving different goals.

Design goals

The Debut line has always been designed for beginners who want to start their HiFi journey. That usually means that they do not have huge power amps and big speakers. Hence Pro-Ject have always tried to achieve a big sound stage with a warm & full sound to compensate for the weakness of smaller amps and speakers.

Pro-Ject has followed the same approach with the new Debut PRO & managed to achieve an even bigger soundstage thanks to the new Pick it PRO and heavy aluminium platter. They therefore chose the name „PRO“ because the Debut PRO invites a music lover to become an audiophile due to the fact that you can easily upgrade the turntable.

With its VTA adjustment possibility, the anti-magnetic platter & the aluminium-carbon hybrid tonearm the Debut PRO is definitely ready for a moving coil (MC) cartridge.

The X line in contrast aims at another objective. With the X1 you get a nearly perfect budget audiophile turntable out of the box. The sound itself is more neutral and balanced & it requires a better amplifier and better speakers to get the best possible sound.

The increased mass, 4 pin point cardan bearing construction with lesser friction and the choice of various platters for the turntable leads to a more analytical sound.

Tech Info

The main differences of the X1 compared to the Debut PRO are:
1. Bigger chassis with more mass
2. Cardan 4 pin point bearing influenced by our Evolution reference tonearms
3. Bigger, more heavy duty & lower rumble platter bearing
4. Acrylic platter

The Pick it S2 MM is a more balanced cartridge with a cleaner and more detailed sound tuned for the X1. The Pick it PRO on the other hand is tuned specifically for the Debut PRO, featuring a more robust and warm sound. All of the audiophile features like VTA & azimuth adjustment, height adjustable feet & the alu-carbon hybrid tonearm are the same on both models & give you the possibility to adjust & upgrade your turntable.

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