Bowers & Wilkins FS-600 S3 Speaker Stands

Bowers & Wilkins FS-600 S3 Speaker Stands

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Key info

  • Designed specifically for use with 600 Series stand-mount speakers.
  • Ensures optimal performance and sound quality.
  • Provides a stable and secure platform for the speakers.
  • Helps reduce unwanted vibrations and resonance.
  • Sleek and stylish design that complements the speakers and enhances the overall aesthetics of the setup.

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Get the best possible performance from your 600 Series stand-mount speakers with the dedicated speaker stand.

The Bowers & Wilkins FS-600 S3 Speaker Stands have been purpose-built to improve the acoustic performance of the 600 S3 bookshelf speakers. Equipped with a top-plate screw system, the FS-600 S3 stands will keep your speakers firmly secured and help to mitigate unwanted vibrations. Further balance is maintained thanks to the inert fillable design. By adding significant weight, you can ensure stability, low resonance, and an overall superior listening experience during use. The FS-600 S3 stands have also been packed with both spiked and curved feet, making them suitable for various floor types. Offering a height that is ideal for listening, the FS-600 S3 will ensure superb sound dispersion and get you immersed in your favourite music.

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