Dali Epicon Speaker Stands

Dali Epicon Speaker Stands

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Matching stand mount for the Epicon 2 bookshelf speaker and Vokal Centre speaker from the flagship Epicon range, built as solid and sleek as the speakers it is designed for.

Dali Epicon Stand is a solid and sleek structure designed exclusively for the Epicon 2 and Epicon Vokal. It was developed with a strong focus on stability and eliminating vibrations. The height is set according to the ideal listening position.


The stand base is created from zinc die cast moulded to add weight, whilst the central column and mounting plate are from aluminium. The inside of the column is reinforced in a grid formation to avoid vibrations and give the potential to hide the cables. On top, the top of the stand is a rubber membrane that separates the mounting plate from the stands column, which is intended to reduce any vibration transmission.

Please Note

To use this standing mount with the Epicon 2’s or Vokal, you will have to fasten them down with the included bolts.

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