KEF Reference 1 Speaker Stands (Pair)

KEF Reference 1 Speaker Stands (Pair)

Key info

The Kef Reference 1 speaker stands offer extra rigidity allowing you to get the most from your Reference 1 bookshelf speakers

Made for the critically acclaimed reference 1 bookshelf speakers, the Kef Reference 1 Stands are offer optimum rigidity through securely bolting the speakers to the stand.

The integrated spirit-level helps achieve perfect adjustment and positioning to get the most out of your speakers while the
discreet cable management system hides any unsightly wires for a neat set up.

Stability and acoustic damping can be enhanced by filling the upright vertical with your choice of inert material.

Vestigial cabinet vibrations are prevented from being transmitted through the floor of the listening área.using the same Reference precision-engineered spike set.

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