Leak Sandwich 250 Stands

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Leak Sandwich 250 Stands

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Key info

  • Traditional stands may not adequately present the Leak Sandwich 250 loudspeaker.
  • The Sandwich 250 comes with a precision-measured plinth to position the drivers optimally.
  • This combination ensures a finely finished loudspeaker and stand of furniture-grade quality.
  • The design eliminates compromises in the listening experience.
  • Owners can enjoy an optimal sound presentation without compromise.

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Physical characteristics
Dimensions (HxWxD) 375 x 430 x 362 mm

Many traditional stands would not allow for sufficient presentation of Leak Sandwich 250 loudspeaker. To address this consideration, the Sandwich 250 is complemented by a precision-measured plinth that positions the loudspeaker’s driver array at the optimum level and position. The result is a finely finished loudspeaker and matching stand combination of furniture-grade quality, that eliminates any compromise of the listening experience for the proud owner.

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