Mission 700 Speaker Stands

Mission 700 Speaker Stands

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Key info

  • Precision-manufactured high carbon steel frame.
  • Quad columns for optimal support and stability.
  • Matches base dimensions of Mission 700 speakers.
  • Hardened stainless steel spikes for vibration isolation.
  • Compatible with other standmount speakers.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 485 x 320 x 330 mm
Shipping Weight 14.6 kg
Enclosure material Columns: High carbon steel with Internal damping. Top Plate: High carbon steel. Base Frame: Interlocked high carbon steel tube. Base Spikes: Hardened stainless steel

With the matching stands, hear the Mission 700 perform as intended, with a precision manufactured high carbon steel frame. The stands are designed to be perfectly stable with increased damping and include base spikes for a secure placement.

The perfect match for Mission 700 speakers

With their stylish quad columns, these stands offer the matching Mission speakers the best possible support. They also match the base dimensions, giving a neat and harmonious fit. As well as offering a secure base, the stands also lift the speakers to the ideal height, meaning you get the most detailed and lifelike sound.

Ideal for other standmount speakers

Although these stands are made to match the Mission 700 speakers, they also make a great match for many other standmount speakers. The 260mm x 270mm top plate suits most medium/larger standmount speakers, with the 485mm height (18 inches plus around an inch for the spikes) also ideal.

Vibration damping

Featuring hardened, stainless steel spikes, the stands adjust to sit firmly on your floor. The spikes also isolate the speakers from the floor, giving a purer, less woolly sound. The high carbon steel columns are fitted with internal damping that effectively minimises vibration, promoting an even more natural sound.

Add the Mission 700 Speaker Stands and optimise these special speakers’ sound and style.

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