IsoTek Evo3 Initium Mains Cable 1.5m

IsoTek Evo3 Initium Mains Cable 1.5m

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Key info

The entry level Evo3 mains cable providing excellent resistance against noise and interference.

IsoTek Evo3 Initium Mains Cable is the entry level cable in the Evo3 series, the first in the line of power cables offering an excellent connection while being extremely cost effective. A step up for powering your audio equipment from lesser and more standard power cables.

IsoTek’s Class Leading Power Products

IsoTek’s top of the class power cables are the perfect accompaniment to their catalogue of championing power conditioning products and sine wave generators. IsoTek use some of the finest quality components in their cable construction. The Evo3 performs to unrivalled levels in every way. Strengthen the link between your system and the mains with this high quality cable.

Conductors Construction

This cable is constructed in a parallel configuration which is an optimised technique to protect against RFI and EMI rejection. This cable is made from high purity OFC conductors with heightened conductivity that stand the test of time.

PE Dieletric

The Evo3 Initium is insulated with a PE dielectric which has a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. This dielectric works exceptionally well to resist cracking under the stress of high temperature and electric current and has a low coefficient of friction.

High Quality Design

Cotton filler is used to give this mains power cord internal strength and to reduce unwanted electrical noise. Whilst paper wrap is housed in a flexible PVC outer jacket giving the cable a heightened level of mechanical strength.

Please Note

This cable is available with standard C15 IEC only.

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