Atlas Ascent Grun Speaker Cables

Atlas Ascent Grun Speaker Cables

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Priced per metre – please enter the length you require into the quantity box when ordering

Atlas Ascent Grun Speaker Cables are designed to prevent some of the effects of signal loss and colouration that all cables often experience. Ascent Grun works particularly well reducing signal loss in the lowest level frequencies.

Greater Low Frequency Performance

The Ascent Grun cable uses OCC for the copper connectors with an increased diameter of 3.5mm². The wider cross section allows for a greater low frequency performance.

Minimal Signal Loss

Ascent Grun have been crafted with materials to enhance performance. The impressively high purity of the conductors and the mono-crystal construction ensure an accurate signal with minimal loss of signal. Alongside this the Teflon PTFE is transparent to the passing signal.

Transpose Modular Termination System

Fitted with transpose connectors, the Ascent Grun cable allows you to easily switch between z plugs, spade plugs or expanding 4mm connectors when required.

Grun Earthing System

The Grun system that the cables are engineered using have been specifically created to reduce noise that degrades sonic performance which is usually caused by RFI and EMI.

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