Atlas Hyper 2.0 Speaker Cable

Atlas Hyper 2.0 Speaker Cable

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Key info

This immaculately engineered speaker cable utilises oxygen free copper conductors to deliver a high-calibre sound performance that belies its price point.

Atlas Hyper 2.0 Speaker Cables (Terminated Pairs) is ideal to be used during extended listening periods thanks to its anti-fatigue properties. The Hyer showcases a seamlessly neutral sound performance, a wide dynamic range and fast speed.

The cable encapsulates Atlas’ reputation for precision engineered cable solutions that truly enhance your audio system.

Superb Conductor Design

The cable showcases super pure Oxygen Free Copper 2.0mm² conductors, featuring an enhanced PTFE (Teflon) dielectric. This design combination is not often found at this price point. Consequently, the cable delivers a superb performance which is well suited to high-end systems. Alongside this, the increased conductor diameters on the Hyper 2.0 deliver a better bass performance than the 1.5 version.

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