Chord EpicX Speaker Cable

Chord EpicX Speaker Cable

Amp-end termination

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Key info

Epic X, upgrade to Epic and Epic Twin, is a shielded cable that works with virtually every style of speaker from mid-level to high-end for dynamic, detailed and coherent audio.

Chord EpicX speaker cable is the ideal cable whatever your hifi needs are. It works well with a range of speakers from midrange to high end, bringing heightened levels of resolution and a clean, crisp delivery. This cable is optimally shielded and uses OFC conductors known for their performance enhancing abilities.

Performance Enhancing Materials

Constructed using 12 AWG OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) which is an excellent conductor, the Chord EpicX speaker cable is silver plated and insulated using low loss XLPE insulation. The EpicX is a high quality cable, shielded in a foil and metal braid and wrapped in a translucent PVC jacket which further enhances the performance of the cable.

Detail, Dynamics and Resolution

This speaker cable offers exceptional bass control and defines the low end particularly well, making it a great cable solution for floorstanding speakers. This cable will bring great detail, improve dynamics and bring great resolution and coherence to your loudspeakers.

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