Topping HS01 Audio Isolator

Topping HS01 Audio Isolator

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Key info

High speed. Low latency. Isolation withstands up to 1kVRMS.

All specifications

Included accessories
What's in the box HS01 x1 | USB cable x1 | User manual x1 | Warranty card x1
Physical characteristics
Dimensions (HxWxD) 2.3 x 0.9 x 5.3 cm

True USB 2.0 High Speed

HS01 supports USB2.0 High Speed transmission, which is compatible with high-resolution audio transmission such as PCM32bit/768kHz and DSD512 Native.

Note1: It may affect the USB automatic On/Off function of some products.
Note2: Only supports USB2.0 High Speed audio devices, does not support USB1.0, USB1.1, keyboard and mouse, etc.

Low latency

The Latency is only 0.29us, which fully meets hifi and professional applications’ needs.

Note: Generally, the latency of USB device is about 5000us-20000us (5ms-20ms).

Effectively eliminate the noise introduced by the ground loop

the noise can be reduced by up to 50dB in real world measurement.

When the device connected to HS01 exceeds the current output capability, an external auxiliary power supply can be used. Please note that it’s recommended to use power supplies isolated from the earth ground like a modern phone charger. Linear power supplies and other earthed power supplies are not recommended.

Note: Connecting the auxiliary power input to the same PC being isolated will defeat the isolation property of HS01.


HS01 User Manual
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