Astell&Kern AK Zero1 In-ear Headphones

Astell&Kern AK Zero1 In-ear Headphones

Key info

The AK ZERO1 is a brand-new In-Ear Monitor product from Astell&Kern. Astell&Kern strives to inspire and bring enjoyment to all, through the magnificence of experiencing music as close to the original sound. We worked tirelessly to find ways of helping more people enjoy the pleasure of music and strove to deliver sound as true to analog as possible. AK ZERO1 is the first model that offers the sounds that only Astell&Kern can provide.

The beautiful Astell&Kern AK Zero earphones are made to provide the best in hybrid technology. Much like the car industry, hybrid technology has become the go to platform for many earphone manufacturers of late. Astell & Kern have decided to introduce the stunning AK Zero1 earphones which benefit from 3 different driver technologies, each having their own benefits for specific frequency ranges. For the amazingly clear and accurate treble a micro planar driver has been used, which integrates beautifully with the dual balanced armature drivers that look after all of the midrange goodness. To provide the listener with incredible visceral bass response there is also an integrated 5.6mm dynamic driver, providing punch and power to the bass frequencies. The Zero1 has been acoustically matched to the Astell & Kern range of portable players.

The gorgeous design of the earphone has been shaped in order to offer incredible comfort for prolonged listening sessions, with the distinct design making the earphone a beautiful work of art that fits snuggly within the ear.

Included in the package is an ultra high quality cable to connect up to you favourite Astell & Kern player, with a silver coated OFC copper cable. The cable for the Zero1 makes it exceptionally revealing with an amazing sound that envelops you in your favourite music.

Three types of drivers

This in-ear monitor (IEM) features three different types of drivers to deliver a ground-breaking hybrid sound. Composed of a micro planar dynamic driver, dual balanced armature (BA) drivers and a dynamic driver, this unique design combines the sonic characteristics of each driver to produce unprecedented natural audio.

Micro marvel

The Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver is a specially developed, highly advanced driver that allows a planar driver design, normally difficult to scale down for headphones, to be applied to in-ear monitors. Adopting a sturdy and lightweight planar membrane to minimise frequency loss, this is combined with a vibration panel boasting a high-polymer and thin metal film to create crystal clear and dynamic high frequencies.

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