Hifiman Svanar Wireless JR Earphones

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Hifiman Svanar Wireless JR Earphones

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Key info

  • Best value among HiFi Man Svanar Wireless versions.
  • Class A/B amplifier and standard DAC differentiate them.
  • Built-in LDAC hi-res Bluetooth codec for high-quality wireless playback.
  • Features HiFi Man topology diaphragm for detailed sound and touch operation controls.
  • Includes active noise cancellation, 8-hour battery life, and charging unit with up to three uses.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight IEM weight 8 g each, charging case 84 g
Frequency response 10Hz-35kHz
Battery life 8 hours uninterrupted listening with x3 charges possible before charging case
Supported audio formats
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC, SBC, LDAC support
Included accessories
What's in the box Hifiman Svanar Wireless JR Earphones, 8 pairs of silicon tips (mix of double-flange eartips, foam eartips and traditional silicon style), Charging Case, Quick Guide

The HiFi Man Svanar Wireless JR Earphones are the best value of the three versions of the HiFi Man Svanar Wireless Earphones. They differ in having a Class A/B amplifier and a standard DAC. They also have the LDAC hi-res Bluetooth codec built-in.

Notably, the renowned HiFi Man topology diaphragm is used for detailed and accurate sound. Bluetooth connection to a device is simple and touch operation is used to control playback or answer the phone.

There is also active noise cancellation and a 8-hour battery life. Lastly, the charging unit can be used up to three times before it needs recharging.

HiFi Man topology diaphragm

The HiFi Man Svanar Wireless JR Earphones use the Dr Bian Fang-developed topology diaphragm. This features a coating of Nanoparticles that changes the characteristics of the unit. The sound can be tuned so that it is more natural and detailed.

Dr. Fang stated in his Ph.D. that different shapes of Nanoparticles can be used to change the sound of a diaphragm in a very precise way.

High-quality DAC

The HiFi Man Svanar Wireless JR Earphones feature the close to lossless LDAC codec, allowing for wireless 24bit 96kHz playback. The DAC gets its signal from the Bluetooth module and then converts the ones and zeros back into audio for feeding to the Class A/B amplifier module.

The amplifier is a low-distortion design. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or PC to provide the audio.

Effective active noise cancellation (ANC)

Noisy environments can impact the legibility of speech and music. As a result, the HiFi Man Svanar Wireless JR Earphones feature active noise cancellation. An external microphone monitors the environmental sounds and generates an anti-phase signal that cancels out any noise. This is similar to 2-2 being 0.

Ergonomic design

The HiFi Man Svanar Wireless JR Earphones feature an ergonomically designed sleek white body and carrying case. The design makes them easy to fit and use. Eight sizes of ear tips are provided and the earphones will fit inside the charging case without having to remove the ear tips.

Battery life is good at 8 hours and the case can be used 3 times without needing charging.

Easy touch operation

Two buttons are provided one on each earphone. To use the HiFi Man Svanar Wireless JR earphones, all you need to do is just tap to play or pause. Double-clicking will go to the next or previous track. Double-clicking is also used to answer the phone.

Additional Features

LDAC HD Bluetooth. LDAC Lossless sound quality transmission.

Independent Class AB Amp. Features an internal, balanced Class AB amplifier module with a Max output of 50mW@32Ω and THD+N of 1%.

Bluetooth 5.2. Audio and video synchronization, low latency, stable and continuous connection.

Deep ANC. Immerse yourself in your own world of sound. The ANC mic accurately identifies noise generating a reverse signal that reduces noise up to -35dB.

Long Listening Sessions. Features 8 hours of uninterrupted listening, 32 hours total including charge case battery life. Charge buds up to 3x before case requires a recharge.

Water? No Sweat. Features IPX5 Water Resistance.

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