Hifiman Svanar Wireless TWS Earphones

Hifiman Svanar Wireless TWS Earphones

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Key info

  • Bluetooth wireless IEMs with Nanoparticle-coated diaphragm for detailed and natural sound.
  • HIMALAYA PRO DAC with low noise and 118dB signal-to-noise ratio for high-quality audio.
  • Unique topology diaphragm controlled by Nanoparticles enhances sound quality.
  • LDAC Bluetooth codec provides near CD-quality audio over Bluetooth.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology cancels external noise, while the charging case offers convenience and additional charges.

All specifications

Frequency response 10 Hz – 35 kHz
Included accessories
What's in the box HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Earphones, 8 pairs of silicon tips (mix of double-flange eartips, foam eartips and traditional silicon style), USB-C charging cable, Charging Case, Quick Guide

HiFi Man Svanar wireless TWS earphones are Bluetooth wireless IEMs designed for the best possible performance – why compromise on sound when you’re on the move? The earphones feature a unique diaphragm using Nanoparticles, for a detailed and natural sound.

They also feature a multi-stage DAC and amplifier, which is a miracle of miniaturization, using the same state-of-the-art DAC as much larger amplifiers. This should offer better quality than the DAC built into many smartphones and portable players. There is also an active noise cancellation circuit, designed to eliminate any external noise sources.

Finally, there is a choice of 8 ear tip sizes. Earbuds are less obtrusive than headphones and will stay on with physical activity. and the unit has a battery life of 7 hours.


These amazing earbuds use the same HIMALAYA PRO DAC as used in HiFi Man headphone amplifiers. They have extremely low noise as well as a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio, of 118dB. Notably, the THD is only 0.52%. The award-winning DAC is coupled with a quality 54mW per channel amplifier. The DAC (or digital to analogue converter) converts the digital signal from the Bluetooth module back into the audio you can hear.

Topology diaphragm

Most earphones use a more conventional cone-type transducer. Instead, Svanar Wireless TWS earbuds use a unique topology diaphragm. The diaphragm is coated with Nanoparticles that control how the diaphragm reacts to different frequencies. The result should be a more detailed and natural sound.

LDAC Bluetooth codec

The Svanar Wireless TWS earbuds use the latest LDAC Bluetooth codec. This was developed by Sony as a way of getting near CD quality over a Bluetooth link. LDAC has become popular, with high-end headphone manufacturers, due to its 990kbps bit rate and the 24-bit/96kHz his-res playback. LDAC has been mandatory on Android phones since Android 8.0. However, it is not used on Apple devices. They use the SBC and AAC codecs instead.

Another popular Bluetooth codec is aptX HD. AptX was developed by QUALCOMM and is adaptive. It adjusts the bit rate, depending on the connection conditions, to prevent dropouts. The newest version can also handle Hi-def audio.

ANC deep noise cancellation

The Svanar Wireless TWS earbuds use Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology. This uses a microphone to monitor the outside sound. It then generates a noise of the opposite phase. This has the effect of cancelling out the interfering sound. The technology was first used for aircraft headsets, to make communications more audible.

Charging case and silicon tips

The Earbuds come with a charging case and 8 pairs of silicone ear tips. The battery life is 7 hours and the charging case will recharge the earbuds three times before needing recharging itself.

Why wireless earbuds?

The Svanar Wireless TWS earbuds have the advantage of having a quality built-in DAC as opposed to most smartphones that are not optimized for sound quality. They are also easier to use if you are outdoors and are not as obtrusive as a headset. They also have noise cancellation so that external noise is not a distraction.


  • Built-in R2R DAC based on the EF400 Himalaya DAC architecture.
  • Nanoparticle-coated Topology driver for a natural, detailed sound.
  • Bluetooth 5.2: AAC, SBC, LDAC.
  • Audio Codec: A2DP 1.3.2 | AVRCP1.6.2 | HFP1.8 | HSP1.2.
  • 24Bit/192kHz high-definition audio capabilities.
  • Play Time: up to 4H (HiFi Mode), up to 6H (ANC Mode), up to 7H (Transparency Mode).
  • The battery case gives approx. 3 recharges of the IEMs.
  • IEM weight 8g each, charging case 83.7g.
  • Transmission Distance: up to 15m (barrier-free transmission).
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 35 kHz.
  • ANC Spec: up to 35dB.
  • Waterproof: IPX5.
  • Charging case with USB-C connectivity and support for wireless charging.

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