Moondrop Variations IEM

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Moondrop Variations IEM

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Key info

  • Two electrostatic drivers, two balanced armature drivers, and a 10mm dynamic driver for optimal sound.
  • 3D printed medical resin shell, physical filters, and fine-tuned crossover for perfect sound harmony.
  • Custom Softears and Sonion drivers for balanced, detailed, and dynamic sound.
  • Skin-friendly, hand-polished shell for comfortable wear.
  • Low distortion, accurate phase response, and detachable single crystal copper cable for excellent sound.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Enclosure material Stainless steel + medical-grade resin
Transducer size 1DD+2BA+2EST
Impedance 15.2Ω @1kHz ± 15
Frequency response 20-20kHz
Sensitivity 116dB/Vrms @1kHz
Cable length 0.78mm 2-pin, 6N OCC single crystal copper with swappable connectors
THD <1% @1kHz
Included accessories
What's in the box Moondrop Variations, Detachable cable, 3 terminations(2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm), 12 x ear tips, Tweezers/Filters, Leather case, Display box, Manual, Warranty card

The MoonDrop Variations is a ‘Tribid’ IEM. This earphone is equipped with two electrostatic drivers (EST) for the highs, two balance armature drivers (BA) for the midrange and a 10mm dynamic driver (DD) for the headphones.

Variations demonstrates Moondrop’s expertise with hybrid designs. Rigorous 3D printing, precise physical filters and a fine-tuned crossover circuit allows Variations to convey the perfect harmony of the sound and imaging.

The shell is made in collaboration with HeyGears, a 3D printing specialist. The shell is made of 3D printed medical resin using the DLP 3D printing technology. It is then hand polished and finely sandblasted for a skin-friendly contact. As a result, Variations looks elegant and comfortably fits the ear canal.

Diaphragm dynamic driver

Diaphragm dynamic driver is also called electric electro acoustic transducer, and its manufacturing principle is that it can produce displacement by energizing conductor in a constant magnetic field.

Balanced armature driver

Balanced armature driver is mainly assembled by vibrating ferromognetism and coil parts fixed in the magnetic circuit. When the alternating current passes through the coil, an alternating magnetic field is generated, which causes the force of the armature.

Electrostatic driver

Electrostatic driver is also commonly referred to as the capacitive electroacoustic transducer. Its diaphragm is driven by the repulsive force of the electrostatic field to produce sound.

Seek for the perfect compatibility of Tribrid IEM

Since the application of electrostatic driver for in-ear earphones, products with electrostatic units have emerged one after another, but they have been criticized for reasons such as “unacceptable tone” or “difficult to drive”.

The development of Variations adopts our previous experience in the development of EST + BA hybrid and EST + DD hybrid earphones. With 3D printing, a precise physical filter structure and frequency divider circuit are manufactured to produce excellent amplitude-frequency response and phase-frequency response. Conveys the perfect harmony of the sound and imaging.

Ergonomic fit for the ear canal Skin-friendly texture design

Variations continues the ergonomic design of multi-unit composite earphones, which can fit the human ear canal, making it comfortable anuality.

The cavity is made of medical resin 3D printing. Hand polished and finely sandblasted design for skin-friendly surface, which not only has an excellent texture, but also fits the ear canal more comfortably. It looks elegant when the fine sandblasting stainless steel panel fits with the frosted cavity.

Bass driver: 10mmLCP liquid crystal diaphragm dynamic driver

The Boss driver odopts the newly developed 10mm liquid crystal diophragm composite copper inner cavity diophragm dynomic driver. The liquid crystal polymer liquid erystal polymer diaphrogm with a thickness of only 9um has balanced compliance and damping.

Midrange driver: Softears-D-Mid-B customized midrange balanced armature drivers

Dual balanced armature drivers are customized by Softears, which is not only transient and excellent in detail, but also exhibits amplitude frequency characteristics thot highly meet the recuirements of Variation design, which complements the DD and the EST drivers.

Treble driver: Sonion high performance dual electrostatic drivers

The Variations treble driver adopts Sonian’s new high-power version of one-to-two compound double electrostatic tweeter, which brings high efficiency, dynamic, and excellent resolution to the high pitch.

In order to achieve excellent frequency response and consistent phase across all frequencies, Voriations inherited and improved the hybrid crossover design of Blessing2. Through the 3D printed precision acoustic channel combined with damping materials to achieve low-frequency physical band-pass filtering and medium-high-frequency low-pass smoothing filtering, coupled with accurate RC low-poss filter circuit, high- pass filter circuit and equalization circuit, Voriations can show very ideal frequency response and phase indicators.

Working with Master 3D Printing Supplier

In order to accurately ochieve the complex physical filtering intermal structure of Variations and avoid the acoustic structure error, an ultra high-precision 3D printing process is needed.

So Moondrop cooperates with the well-known 3D printing supplier “Heygears Technology” to apply its mature high- precision DLP 3D printing technology and use imported medical-grade UV resin to produce high precision, high transparency, high hardness, and accurate complex cavity.

Excellent acoustic performance

Advanced transducer unit and rigorous acoustic structure design, coupled with carefully polished physical filtering and crossover circuits, make Variations outstanding results in both linear and nonlinear distortions. Frequency Response is tuned based on MOONDROP VDSF Target Response (calculated by combining B&k HATS diffusion field HRTF and room reverberation curve) to bring a true and accurate longitudinal, sound field and present the sound quality that can accurately restore.

Highly consistent full-frequency phase

Phase exhibits a high degree of uniformity across all the frequency, eliminating the common connection problems of multi-unit tribrid earphones, making the three- frequency sound fit accurately, and the sound field image is true and accurate.

Low non-linear distortion, accurate and clean sound

With the reasonable unit configuration, the total harmonic distortion of the whole frequency is less than 1%, and the odd and even harmonics are evenly distributed and the overall tone is harmonious and clean.

0.78mm universal detachable interface Standard PCC coaxial single crystal copper detachable earphone cable

Adopting 0.78 dual-pin universal replaceable earphone cable as always, allowing users to replace their favorite cable to meet their needs. And it also comes with PCC coaxial single crystal copper earphone cable, which not only adopts coaxial structure and 6NOCC single crystal copper to ensure excellent sound quality, but also can replace the attached 3.5mm single-ended/2.5mm balanced/ 4.4mm balanced plug

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