Dan Clark Audio Ether Flow 1.1 Over-ear Headphones

Dan Clark Audio Ether Flow 1.1 Over-ear Headphones

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Key info

Dan Clark Audio’s classic ETHER Flow 1.1 headphones deliver a sumptuous blend of high-performance audio, comfort, and classic full-size headphone design.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 0.385 kg
Driver type Planar Magnetic
Impedance 23 Ohms
Sensitivity 90 dB/MW

The Ether Flow 1.1 Open is the entry level offering of the Ether line. Rivaling Headphones costing twice the price, the Ether Flow 1.1 Open is a shining example of our company’s mission to provide unparalleled value to the headphone community. The Ether Flow 1.1 Open leverages Trueflow technology to cultivate a warm, authentic musicality that delights the listener by revealing details in the music that are typically unheard using conventional drivers. The open and generous soundstage is both hypnotic and effortless, creating a listening experience that is sure to give you respite from life’s daily stresses and distractions. The lightweight, hinge-free nitinol headband incorporates smart industrial design making it as comfortable and reliable as it is indestructible. All Ether Flow 1.1 comes with our newly designed Vivo cable along with a beautiful case for travel and storage.

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