Dan Clark Audio Voce Electrostatic Headphones

Dan Clark Audio Voce Electrostatic Headphones

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Key info

  • A flagship electrostatic headphone with numerous awards, including “Best Headphone” and “Product of the Year” from renowned publications.
  • Created from scratch to combine the transparency and detail resolution of electrostatic headphones with powerful bass and an expansive soundstage.
  • Features an 88mm driver for extended and rich bass, advanced metal stators for enhanced resolution, and a flexible, microphonic-free silver-plated copper cable.
  • Durable all-metal construction at a lightweight 330g, with fully dust-sealed drivers.
  • Comes with an attractive walnut storage box that includes a built-in headphone stand.

Voce is Dan Clarks Audio’s flagship electrostatic headphone and perhaps 2018’s most awarded high-end headphone, capturing a majority of “Best Headphone” and “Product of the Year” accolades in the USA from preeminent publications such as Positive Feedback, Absolute Sound, Headfonics and Headphone.guru. A passion for Music drives everything we do When Dan decided to build an electrostatic headphone he started with a blank sheet of paper to create a product that improved upon all of the great attributes of previous electrostatic headphones such as transparent midrange and detail resolution and added a powerful bass experience and an expansive soundstage.

Dan and his team went all in for the design of the Voce

reinventing every aspect from the ultra-large 88mm driver to the fully custom silver plated cable we would supply with it. We even built an in-house clean room for production to ensure the highest quality and reliability. We’re truly proud of the fact that VOCE has had a service rate of <1% after almost two years in the field, an unparalleled accomplishment considering it is our first-electrostatic headphone! The result was well worth the effort put into the design of the Voce. Key features include: 88mm driver for extended and rich bass that reaches below 10Hz and a gigantic soundstage Advanced metal stators for enhanced resolution Flexible, microphonic-free round silver-plated copper cable with a solid machined Teflon connector cased in an aluminum housing Convenient and attractive walnut storage box with built-in headphone stand Durable all metal construction at a featherweight 330gr Fully dust-sealed drivers The Voce is a game changer. You owe it to yourself to audition this amazing headphone.

Important notes on electrostatic headphones

Electrostatic headphones must be used with an appropriate electrostatic amplifier or energizer (energizers connect to the outputs of a loudspeaker amplifier) to operate. Many electrostatic headphones make a “zip” sound when the headphone is put on or removed. This is the sound of the charged driver touching the stator and due to the electric fields sticking briefly to it before releasing. Due to VOCE’s very large driver size, the driver may be more prone to this than some other electrostatic headphones. As the stator is insulated this will not cause damage to the driver and should be considered normal operation.

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