Focal Azurys Over-ear Headphones

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Focal Azurys Over-ear Headphones

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Key info

  • Aluminum/Magnesium “M” dome speakers deliver exceptional clarity and precision sound.
  • Genuine leather headband, breathable braided textile, and memory foam earpads ensure unbeatable comfort.
  • Inspired by azurite, Azurys’ blue color and elegant finish reflect Focal’s signature design codes.
  • AL/MG Speakers: 40mm full-range electrodynamic aluminum/magnesium speakers offer extremely precise sound with deep bass, smooth treble, and clear vocals.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 306 g
Impedance 26 Ω
Frequency response 15 Hz - 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
Connector type Jack 3.5 mm
Openback / Closedback Closed-back
THD <0,3 % @ 1 kHz / 100 dB SPL
Sound pressure level (SPL) 100 dB SPL (peak@1m)
Included accessories
What's in the box Carrying case included: Yes. Cables provided: 1x 4ft (1.25m) Jack 1/8

With Azurys, enjoy Focal sound wherever you are. These passive closed-back headphones stand out for their design, their hi-fi sound quality and the immersive listening experience they offer, whether at home or on the move. Their top-of-the-line design, infused with Focal technologies, makes them sophisticated, high-performance headphones.

Sound Clarity

Azurys is equipped with Aluminum/Magnesium “M” dome speakers, engineered by our acoustic specialists and crafted in our workshops in France. The combination of these two materials delivers sound with exceptional clarity and precision.

Lightweight And Comfortable

Genuine leather headband, breathable braided textile, and memory foam earpads, these headphones offer unbeatable insulation and comfort. Plus, the magnesium yoke ensures a lightweight and perfect fit, making them the perfect choice for music lovers on the go!

Timeless Design

Inspired by azurite, a semi-precious stone with healing properties, Azurys’ blue color is as modern as it is magnetic. Its elegant finish is enhanced further by Focal’s signature design codes.


These headphones need a running-in period to reach full performance. This will happen naturally after several hours of listening. If you wish to accelerate the process, we recommend that you play the headphones for at least 24 hours at a relatively high volume level, on tracks rich in low frequencies. This will stabilize the loudspeakers and allow you to enjoy your headphones to the full.

AL/MG Speakers

Extremely precise sound. Focal engineers have put all their know-how in the manufacture of loudspeakers at the service of wireless headphones and noise reduction. Manufactured in the Focal workshops and inheriting patented technologies, the 40 mm full-range electrodynamic aluminum/magnesium loudspeakers are a patented Focal innovation. Aluminum increases dome rigidity and greatly reduces distortion, while the addition of magnesium provides excellent damping. This alloy enables the loudspeakers to deliver deep bass, smooth treble and clear vocals for extremely accurate sound.


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