Focal Clear Headphones

Focal Clear Headphones

Key info

Focal Clear Headphones is the next evolutionary step in the realm of high-end, open-back reference listening headphones.

Focal-Clear-HeadphonesDetails in Sound

The completely open back speaker provides unparalleled respect for dynamics. Clear offers extremely realistic listening. The aluminium magnesium alloy M-profile dome is an ideal combination of  highly rigid, low weight, and with excellent damping characteristics.

This allows high frequencies to be linear while transients are appreciated in entirety. These headphones have the potential to reveal the minutest details in a recording bringing you the soul of your music. Unmatched insight and crescendos are the signatures of this striking pair of headphones.

Alloy Dome Tweeter

This model sits above the Focal Elear and just under the Utopia headphone models utilising the same aluminium magnesium alloy dome tweeter as the former whilst supporting an advanced frameless copper voice coil. As a result, performance features controlled bass with exceptional linearity from the high-end, all driven by an augmented magnetic field for highly defined vibrant characteristics.

Focal Technologies

Developed in Focal’s workshops located in France, Clear is inspired by the superlative engineering and developments of the Utopia headphones. This lends Clear the extraordinary performance of elite full-range speakers, revealing the smallest niceties of the melodic formation.

The innovative assembly of Clear exceeds even Elear in terms of openness, negating the theory of headphones reducing listening space while making you forget that you are even wearing them.

Ear Cushions

The micro-fibre ear cushions result in a level of openness unparallel at this price point. The outer edge features micro-perforations of 1mm diameter which creates an impression of a very open space so you feel more like you’re listening in a spacious room and less like you’re listening through headphones.

Distinguished Design

The focal points of Clear’s aesthetics are the leather headband and aluminium yoke which deliver iconic styling reminiscent of prior models. The classy headband design and shape enables a comfortable fit for all head sizes. The headphones are supplied with a selection of detachable cables for every listening situation, and a hard case for storage and transport.

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