Hifiman Susvara Planar Headphones

Hifiman Susvara Planar Headphones

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Key info

  • Planar magnetic drivers for clarity and detail.
  • Ultra-thin diaphragm for precise sound reproduction.
  • Open-back design for natural soundstage and comfort.
  • Lightweight construction with hybrid headband for reduced pressure.
  • High sensitivity and low impedance for easy driving.
  • Premium materials, including leather, silver-plated copper, and wood.
  • Impressive frequency response range from 6 Hz to 75 kHz.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 0.45 kg
Driver type Planar Magnetic
Impedance 60Ω
Frequency response 6Hz-75kHz
Sensitivity 83dB
Openback / Closedback Openback
Included accessories
What's in the box 4 Pin XLR x 1 | 6.35mm x 1

Hifiman Susvara Planar Headphones is a gorgeously designed, premium engineered model that truly delivers a stunning sound performance.

The model’s superior ergonomic design offers unparalleled comfort so you can enjoy your headphones for as long as you desire.

Acoustic Performance

For the first time ever in a Susvara design, an advanced magnet design has been introduced which offers a crystal clear acoustic performance due to significantly minimising pesky wave diffraction turbulence. As a result, you can sit back and enjoy a rich, beautiful sound from your music that is free from distortion.

Superbly Low Mass Driver

The driver design is truly astounding. Measuring in at a width of a millionth of a metre, the driver’s amazing thinness, and low mass means that it creates an excitingly dynamic performance and brilliantly low distortion.

Window Shade Design

The brand’s unique ‘Window Shade’ design has been specially designed to avoid resonant frequencies. This means that you can enjoy pristine sound quality while the super-delicate diaphragm is protected.

Nanometer Grade

The driver’s incredible thinness, less than a millionth of a meter and extremely low mass means it can produce tremendously low distortion levels yet offer a highly dynamic response. Through harmoniously fusing this diaphragm with Stealth Magnet technology, the music reproduction is given impressive tonal quality and transparency.

Ultimate Complement

The EF1000 is the Susvara’s official amplifier, which utilizes a separate power supply design. Its SSRP circuit uses six 6922 vacuum tubes and six pairs of transmitters in parallel. The result is a perfect combination of the beautiful sound from the vacuum tubes and the powerful output of a solid state amp.

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