Meze 109 Pro Over-ear Headphones

Meze 109 Pro Over-ear Headphones

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Key info

  • Dynamic open-back over-ear headphone by Meze.
  • Easy to drive from most devices.
  • Dark walnut wood ear cups with zinc and manganese steel inserts.
  • Vegan leather headband.
  • Velour earpads.
  • Comes w/ 3.5 mm jack cable & 6.3mm adapter.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 0.375 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 280 x 245 x 135 mm
Shipping Weight 1.65 kg
Driver type Dynamic Driver
Transducer size 50mm
Impedance 40 Ω
Frequency response 5Hz - 30KHz
Sensitivity 112dB SPI at 1KHz, 1mW
Included accessories
What's in the box Case: Hard EVA pouch | Included cables: 1 x 1.5 m cable with 3.5mm jack, 1 x 3 m cable with 3.5mm jack | 6.3mm gold plated jack

Experience Pure Emotion with the Meze Audio 109 PRO

Introducing the Meze Audio 109 PRO, a dynamic driver headphone with an open-back, over-ear design crafted by Antonio Meze and his team. Combining stunning aesthetics with exceptional comfort, these headphones are a standout choice in their price range.

Meze Audio’s Commitment to Pure Emotion

As Meze Audio’s first dynamic open-back headphone, the 109 PRO exemplifies their dedication to delivering more than just faithful sound reproduction. With a focus on proven foundations in a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Meze Audio aims to convey pure emotion through their audio products.

Unleash the Power of Precision

Equipped with a meticulously assembled and tuned 50mm dynamic driver, the 109 PRO pushes the boundaries of speed, accuracy, and dynamic range. Meze Audio’s dedication to precision allows for an unparalleled listening experience.

Key Features that Define Excellence

  • Acoustic Design: Meze Audio’s R&D work focused on material research to achieve the acoustic goals of the 109 PRO. The dual cone diaphragm, crafted from a combination of beryllium-coated polymer, cellulose, carbon fiber composite, and copper-zinc alloy, strikes the perfect balance between mass and stiffness, maximizing the headphones’ sonic capabilities.
  • Unparalleled Soundscape: The spider-like structure and acoustically transparent grille inside the ear cup expose the driver from both sides, creating Meze’s most open soundscape yet. Immerse yourself in a truly captivating audio experience.
  • Superior Comfort: The velour pads provide a comfortable fit that encloses the ears and ensures optimal seal for natural sound reproduction. The velour material is not only soft and breathable but also prevents sweat build-up and overheating during extended listening sessions.
  • Meticulous Ergonomics: Every aspect of the 109 PRO is designed for comfort. Meze Audio combines walnut wood, zinc, manganese steel, and vegan leather to create a lightweight yet incredibly strong structure that conforms to ergonomic standards.
  • Engaging Sound Experience: Tuned meticulously by Meze’s in-house engineering team, the 109 PRO delivers an emotionally engaging sound with exceptional detail, clarity, and the perfect amount of punch. Experience soul-stirring details brought to life with superior dynamics, excellent imaging, and full-bodied voices.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether you’re using portable sources or complex home systems, the 109 PRO is easy to control from most devices. Enjoy its organic character and immersive sound from any compatible source.

Elevate Your Audio Experience with the Meze Audio 109 PRO

Immerse yourself in pure emotion with the Meze Audio 109 PRO. With its exceptional design, precise engineering, and unparalleled comfort, these headphones redefine the listening experience. Explore the soul-stirring details, superior dynamics, and captivating soundscapes that the 109 PRO delivers. Upgrade your audio setup and indulge in an emotionally engaging sound journey.

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