T+A Solitaire P Planar-Magnetostatic Headphones

T+A Solitaire P Planar-Magnetostatic Headphones

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Key info

Solitaire P represent the first headphones made by T+A, and show new, ground-breaking developments which pushes the magneto-static principle to the point of perfection. These open-back headphones display no hint of compromise and zero regard for manufacture cost. T+A had only one goal in mind: musical reproduction to the very highest standard of perfection.

High-performance neodymium magnets are made with an accurately calculated segment shape as well as being precisely length-matched to suit the oval outline of the diaphragm; this ensures that the magnetic field lines generated have a homogeneous course, and that no air turbulence occurs; the airflow remains laminar at all times.

The precise design of the retaining rings and the magnet mount maintains the diaphragm’s position accurately in the linear part of the magnetic field, ensuring that it is able to generate high sound pressures without distortion and with an enormous dynamic range, virtually devoid of inertia.

This design also eliminates the need for supplementary opposed magnets, helping to keep overall weight low. The diaphragm is able to oscillate freely in the direction of the ear cushions, since there is no acoustic hindrance between the transducer diaphragm and the ear.

The diaphragm itself consists of a special ultra-thin – thus ultra-lightweight – film, coated with an accurately routed and calculated conductor array whose impedance is around 80 Ohm. The open construction of the Solitaire P avoids the resonance problems inherent in closed-back systems, and allows the diaphragm to vibrate unimpeded.

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