Devialet Cocoon – Phantom II

Devialet Cocoon – Phantom II

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Key info

  • Specifically made to carry and protect the Phantom II speaker.
  • Features a thick, water-repellent exterior for added protection.
  • Interior lining provides a soft and protective second skin for the speaker.
  • Includes a padded inlay to safeguard Phantom II and accommodate the power cable.
  • Equipped with lightweight and robust aluminum handles and a waterproof, non-slip shoulder strap for easy and secure transportation.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 0,7 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 245 x 195 x 235 mm

Made for Phantom II, Cocoon carrying case features a thick-skinned and water-repellent exterior with an ultra-soft, second-skin interior for optimal protection on the go. Cocoon is fitted with a padded inlay designed to form a protective barrier around Phantom II while leaving room for your power cable. Light and resistant aluminium handles are manufactured using the same methods as mountaineering carabiners to ensure long-lasting performance. Cocoon comes with a waterproof, non-slip shoulder strap for ease of transport.

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