T+A Caruso All-In-One Music System

T+A Caruso All-In-One Music System

Key info

Caruso is an exceptional all-in-one music system by T+A. This 2020 model is the third and latest version of the series. Caruso caters for all modern music sources: it integrates streaming from a network or the Internet, Spotify Connect and AirPlay, as well as the classic CD, DAB+ and VHF radio receivers. It even includes a bidirectional Bluetooth module and inputs for analogue and digital sources such as TV sets.

In Autumn 2008, T+A introduced their first Caruso to the market, and within a very short time it acquired cult status due to its unique design philosophy and high-quality construction.

Its direct successor (Caruso Blu) continued this heritage in a modernised form, but this new 2020 Caruso undoubtedly represents the greatest step forward in the development history of this equipment: in terms of external appearance and technology it has been re-designed from the ground up, whilst remaining faithful to its roots.

The name Caruso is now a byword for compact all-in-one systems, as the system offers impressive features and sound quality despite its compact size.

Since its introduction by T+A back in 2008, Caruso has become synonymous with devices which are modern, without paying lip-service to every trend, and which quite simply celebrate musical enjoyment.

The new Caruso is of all-aluminium construction; a material whose strength and durability make it ideal even for space travel applications.

This design principle guarantees that this device will be your companion for many years, rather than just a short-term fashion accessory. T+A has more than forty years of experience in the audio field, and they have exploited this to create a device with a small footprint which still provides outstandingly good sound. This simply means that audiophile sound is no longer the preserve of large systems in large rooms.


  • Amplifiers: 200 W continuous, 300 W peak power
  • Soundsystem: 2 channel stereo active concept, 7 high-performance drive units
  • Inputs: Analogue, digital, USB, LAN, WLAN
  • Outputs: Pre Out, Sub Out, Headphone out
  • Music Services: Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, Qobuz, Spotify Connect
  • Radio Tuner: FM, DAB+, Internet Radio
  • Bluetooth: Bi-Directional Sink + Source
  • Features: Gracenote Music ID Services, Airplay 2, Amazon Alexa

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