Anthem MRX 1120 AV Receiver

Anthem MRX 1120 AV Receiver

Key info

Anthem MRX 1120 is an 11.2 channel preamp and 11 channel AV receiver incorporating cutting edge ARC, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology, powered by 140 watts continuous power per channel.

Detailed audio is delivered at a standard you’d expect from separates, as opposed to an AV receiver, with the multi-channel flexibility of Anthem’s 3rd Generation MRX Series.

Room Correction
Anthem’s Room Control technology works with a specially-engineered custom calibration microphone and your PC to optimise audio for your unique listening space. Simply plug the mic into your PC and AV receiver positioning the microphone in five to ten listening areas so ARC can take a sample from each. The proprietary digital signal processing software then compares the room’s acoustic signature to lab standard measuring the response of each speaker relative to the listening area.

Advanced algorithms are used to counter the effects of obstacles and reflective surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings in the room, adjusting response and correcting phase effects. The sophisticated DSP accurately equalises response and creates intricate crossover curves so the speaker performance in your room meets the ideal lab quality while retaining a natural sound.

Instant Access
Anthem’s MRX Series feature DTS Play-Fi streaming technology to grant instant access to your digital audio library from anywhere in the home in better-than-CD sound quality. You have the ability to stream from any device, Android or iOS mobile or PC, with a wide range of connectivity options.

DTS Play-Fi supports a host of high-quality file formats controlled directly from your smart device or PC. The ‘Open Ecosystem’ enables easy music streaming throughout your home with the ability to add more wireless streaming devices on the go.

DTS:X Ready
Next generation DTS audio codec, DTS:X controls object-based audio enabling new experiences in immersion and interactivity. It plays back all DTS formats including DTS Digital Surround and DTS-HD Master Audio. An audio object represents the spatial location in which the object should be heard. DTX makes sound move so your speakers don’t have to and since DTS:X doesn’t require any specific speaker layout, you can arrange your home theatre system however you want.

Dolby Atmos
MRX-1120 uses revolutionary new Dolby Atmos technology, the first object-based home theatre system capable of precisely recreating movement. It accurately places and moves sound all around you in a multidimensional space including overhead, creating independent object properties and weaving the audio story to match what’s happening on-screen.

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