Anthem MRX 520 AV Receiver

Anthem MRX 520 AV Receiver

Key info

Anthem MRX520 AV Receiver is a 5.2 AV receiver boasting 100 watts per channel continuous power equipped with Anthem Room Correction technology.

It delivers the sound quality you’d associate with hi-fi separates over AV but features the multi-channel flexibility of Anthem’s Third Generation MRX Series which are globally renowned for their efficient power handling and easy integration into any entertainment system.

ARC Technology
Anthem Room Correction quickly “corrects” the effects that reflective surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings have on the sound radiating from a loudspeaker, allowing your audio equipment to achieve a more natural sound in any room, as close to lab standard as possible.

On a more complex level, ARC is a proprietary digital signal processing software that works with a specially-engineered calibration microphone and your PC to quickly and easily optimise audio for your unique listening space. ARC digitally compares a room’s acoustic signature to that of the lab standard.

It measures the response of each speaker relative to the listening area. Then it uses advanced algorithms to eliminate the negative effects of the obstacles in the room, adjusting response and correcting phase effects. When ARC removes the obstacles, what’s left is the lab standard performance.

How ARC works
The ARC Kit is easy to use, and just a few simple steps can customise your loudspeakers for your unique listening space. Each ARC-ready component comes with a complete ARC Kit, consisting of software and microphone calibration file from our website, a professional quality mic stand and high-quality connectors.

You will need a Windows-based laptop computer with a CD drive. Plug the kit’s custom Calibration Microphone into your computer and into your ARC-ready Anthem A/V receiver. Place the microphone at each of the listening positions in your room (a minimum of five, maximum of ten), and allow ARC to take a sound sample from each location.

The proprietary ARC software measures the difference between the speaker’s ideal lab-standard response, and their real-world performance in your room. Then, its sophisticated DSP accurately equalises response and creates intricate crossover curves so that the performance of the speakers in your room meets the ideal lab standard!

Sound Quality
To ensure correct speaker hookups the first time, the MRX Gen 3 Series includes colour coded loudspeaker terminals and new colour-coded labelling above speaker specific terminal pairs.

Just like the bigger MRX 720 and MRX 1120 models, MRX 520 is engineered for optimum sound quality. Many mainstream AV receivers that tick the features boxes are made to hit the market at the cheapest possible price. In contrast Anthem engineer their AV receivers with sound quality prioritised first using the best possible components for an audiophile-friendly music and movie solution alike.

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