Anthem MRX 720 AV Receiver

Anthem MRX 720 AV Receiver

Key info

Anthem MRX 720 AV Receiver is an 7.2 channel AV receiver with Anthem Room Correction technology, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X paired with 140 watts per channel continuous power.

It delivers the detailed high-quality audio that is associated with separates and features the multi-channel flexibility of Anthem’s Third Generation MRX Series of AV receivers, globally renowned for their excellent sound quality, efficient power handling, and the ease with which they integrate into an entertainment system.

ARC Technology
The easy-to-use ARC Kit supplied with each ARC-Ready component lets you customise loudspeakers for your unique listening space in just a few simple steps. It consists of a software and microphone calibration file, professional quality mic stand and high-quality connectors. A Windows-based PC with CD drive is required.

To use ARC, first plug the custom Calibration Microphone into your PC and Anthem receiver. The microphone should be placed at each of the listening positions in your room; you can set between five to ten positions, to allow a sound sample to be collected from each. The sophisticated DSP accurately equalises response and creates intricate crossover curves so that speaker performance meets the ideal lab standard.

DTS Play-Fi
Everyone wants instant access to their digital audio library, anywhere in the home. And Anthem’s MRX Series with DTS Play-Fi® technology is the perfect, high-performance means of delivery. Anthem MRX Series can take full dynamic advantage of the better-than-CD-quality sound quality delivered by the DTS Play-Fi streaming technology.

Partnered with the leader in Wi-Fi streaming, DTS Play-Fi wi-fi streaming technology supports a host of high-quality file formats. Controlled directly from your smart device or computer in any operating system, the “Open Ecosystem” of DTS Play-Fi technology makes it easy to stream music throughout your home, and to add more wireless streaming devices on the fly. The whole family can now access personal digital audio libraries from anywhere in your home with the touch of a screen. Take advantage of endless choices from online music streaming services*. Stream from any device, Android or iOS mobile or PC, with a wide range of connectivity options.

Calibrating ARC
This proprietary digital signal processing software works with a specially-engineered calibration microphone and your PC to optimise audio for any unique listening space. Reflective surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings can affect sound radiating from a loudspeaker. Anthem Room Correction rectifies this allowing audio equipment to achieve a more natural sound regardless of surroundings.

Digitally comparing a room’s acoustic signature to the lab standard, ARC measures the response of each speaker relative to the listening area then uses advanced algorithms to eliminate the negative effects of the obstacles in the room, adjusting response and correcting phase effects for best possible performance.

Dolby Atmos
Dolby Atmos is a revolutionary new audio technology that transports you into extraordinary entertainment experiences. Fills your room with captivating sound that comes from all directions including overhead to fill the room with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth. The specific sounds of people, music and things move all around you in multidimensional space, so you feel like you are inside the action giving artists new capabilities to tell their stories, accent their games, or perform their music to achieve the greatest expressive impact.

How Dolby Atmos works
Dolby Atmos is the first home theatre system that is based not on channels but on audio objects. Whether in the cinema or the home theatre, it has the intelligence to determine what speakers to use to precisely recreate movement in the way the artists intend. They can now precisely place and move sounds as independent objects in multidimensional space, including anywhere overhead, so you can hear them as you would naturally. Dolby Atmos helps weave the audio story to match what’s happening on the screen.

DTS:X Ready
DTS:X is the next generation audio codec from DTS that leverages object-based audio to enable new audio experiences in immersion and interactivity. DTS will playback all DTS formats including DTS Digital Surround and DTS-HD Master Audio. An audio object is the combination of the waveform where captures the audio, and metadata which represents the spatial location in which the object should be heard. Audio objects free content from specific speaker layouts for optimal listening.

Rest assured that our celebrated catalogue of DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks are best heard with DTS:X. Take your favourite Blu-ray, DVD or digital movie to new heights. DTX made sound move, so your speakers don’t have to. Because DTS:X doesn’t require any specific speaker layout, you can arrange your home theatre system however you want.

Engineered for Sound
Like the entry level MRX 520 and flagship MRX 1120, the 7 channel MRX 720 is engineered with a singular focus on sound quality rather than aiming to tick as many feature-boxes as possible at the most affordable price. An audiophile-friendly choice for movies and music.

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