Audiolab 8300CD CD Player

Audiolab 8300CD CD Player

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Key info

An award winning purist CD Player, with excellent pre amp and DAC sections. An ideal choice for either 8300XP or 8300MB power amps.

Audiolab 8300CD combines a CD player, DAC and preamplifier in one delivering a clean and detailed performance from a variety of music sources; a replacement for the award winning 8200 CD/CDQ models.

High Performance

Built to be sturdy, hardwearing and suit a varied range of applications, 8300CD incorporates a highly acclaimed Sabre 32-bit DAC in addition to DSD audio decoding through the USB input, a slot-loading CD mechanism replacing the current CD drawer, sleek styling as well as capability to handle up to 32-bit/384kHz resolutions.

Music Streaming

A USB input enables direct connection to a PC enabling you to bypass the generally inferior built-in soundcards found in order to take advantage of 8300’s high-end DAC for greater sound. Audiolab 8300CD is best suited for large PC-based music collections while FLAC or similar uncompressed file formats assure stunning sound.

More Digital Sources

Extra digital inputs on the back allow you to use the 8300CD as a stand-alone DAC as well as a high-quality CD player, via the option of 2 x optical inputs, 2 x coaxial digital inputs, along with an AES/EBU input via balanced XLR. Additionally, you can connect your Mac or PC to the USB input.

RCA or XLR outputs

Unlike the Audiolab 8300A which can also be used as a preamplifier but does not feature XLR outputs, the 8300CD features both RCA and balanced XLR outputs, allowing you to connect it directly to the Audiolab 8300MB power amplifiers to create a fully featured pre/power set-up.

Build Quality

Audiolab products are reputable for the high build quality, robust structure and elegant aluminium build. The 8300CD is no exception and benefits from all of this, the unit is also supplied with a fully featured remote control for even more convenient control.

Audiolab 8300CD guarantees an extraordinary performance every time regardless of whether you choose to use it as a standalone DAC or full CD player.

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