Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista CD Player

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista CD Player

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Key info

The Nu-Vista CD is the perfect match for the highly acclaimed Nu-Vista 800 integrated amplifier, it has been designed with exactly the same sonic parameters as the Nu-Vista 800.

Being a Musical Fidelity product it has impeccable technical performance, very low distortion, low noise, excellent linearity and superlative phase response.

The build quality and aesthetic design match the Nu-Vista 800 precisely. But the important thing is the sound.  Just like the Nu-Vista 800 the Nu-Vista CD player produces an exquisite warm, full sound stage that is at once convincing and enveloping.  It is utterly neutral and faithful to what’s on the disc but transmits it with a delicacy of sensibility and firmness of musical communication that is a joy to hear.  When Nu-Vista 800 and Nu-Vista CD player are used together the sound is beautiful.  You can hear everything that was recorded but with a backlit and sort of glowing quality that makes the music almost jump alive in front of you.

Key Features:

CD player and digital hub

Multiple digital inputs – 2 x coax, 2 x optical

Cutting edge technical performance

Low jitter

Produces an exquisite warm, full sound stage

Superlative phase response

Perfect match for the Nu-Vista 800 integrated amplifier

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