Primare DD15 CD Transport

Primare DD15 CD Transport

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Key info

A dedicated CD transport for the Primare I15 Prisma and SC15 Prisma models.

Primare DD15 is a slot loading dedicated CD transport, designed to partner any high performance digital to analog converter, and in particular the Primare I15 Prisma, SC15 Prisma models of integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers, with its matching ¾ size cabinet.


For those who need a compact dedicated CD transport to connect to a DAC, like that found in the I15 Prisma, I25 DAC, I25 Prisma, I35 DAC or I35 Prisma, DD15 is available; without Prisma control and connectivity technology and DAC, but with the same extraordinary drive as the CD15 Prisma.

Drive Technology

The Philips slot load disc drive chosen for use in DD15 was originally developed for the transportation industry, and as a result is extremely reliable and well isolated from external and internal vibrations, ensuring long life and low noise.

Power Supply Technology

A custom linear power supply is combined with a switch mode standby supply (turned off when in playback mode to minimize noise) to deliver on demand the precise power needed. The phase of the AC supply can make a significant difference to the sound. Use the Polarity Pen supplied with the DD15 to verify which pin is live on your AC power cable.

RS232 and trigger

The RS232 input allows you to connect the DD15 to a controller system. Use a twisted (null modem) cable. The Trigger output allows the DD15 to be switched on by other devices, such as an I15.

System Building

DD15 is designed to provide the lowest noise digital signal from compact discs so any high performance digital to analog converters, like those found in the Primare I15 Prisma and SC15 Prisma models of integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers.

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