Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 CD Player

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Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 CD Player

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Key info

The CD Box DS3 introduces you to the completely new DS3 line. You can combine combine the DS3 with your existing DS2 products, as the casework stays the same. The new CD Box DS3 picks the best features of its predecessors and adds the Texas Instruments PCM1796 DAC to provide the perfect CD player with all the features you really need. Easily control the CD player with the buttons on the front, or with the supplied remote control and the high contrast dot-matrix display shows you all relevant information you need to enjoy your favourite CDs.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 1.66 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 72 x 206 x 194 mm
Technical specifications
THD Analog output: <0.018% | Digital output: <0.005%
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz/ ± 0.15dB
Maximum power consumption 300 - 600mA DC, <0.5W in standby
Output voltage 2 Vrms / 0dBFS
Noise >105dBA / 20Hz – 20kHz
Analog outputs 1 x RCA
Digital outputs 1 x Optical | 1 x co-axial (S/PDIF)

The Red Book standard specifies the physical parameters and properties of Digital Audio Compact Discs (CDDA). Pure CD players are, in contrast to DVD or Blu-ray Disc players, frequently better in playback of stereo CDs. The drive is specifically optimized for 1:1 playback of the Red Book CDDA standard.

A CD drive is only as good as the servo which controls it. The Blue Tiger CD-80 servo developed by Stream Unlimited is the most advanced on the market.

The CD Box DS3 uses the famous PCM1796 which has been used in many high-end CD players and designs in the past, and has the most analog, sweet and easy to listen sound character. The CD Box DS3 also offers a line level RCA output which can be used for any pre- or integrated amplifier, and also two digital outputs to further pass a digital signal to another DAC.

The intelligent 4-point suspension is able to provide a perfect resonance derivative. Three soft points isolate the drive from external vibration and one hard point leads high frequent vibration caused by the fast movement of the laser into the chassis.

Standard sheet metal housings are not torsion-resistant and mechanical accurate enough to mount a sensitive CD drive where the laser position has to be correct all the time. The aluminium chassis provides the best basis for a CD drive. It also protects the drive against vibration and electromagnetic interferences.

CD Box DS3 is available in silver and black. Magnetic wooden side panels are avaialable separately.

Key Features:

  • NEW aluminium casework
  • Texas Instruments PCM1796 DAC
  • Slot-in mechanism
  • Red Book standard
  • RCA line level analogue output
  • Optimized for 1:1 playback
  • 4-point intelligent suspension
  • Remote control included
  • Metal casing protects against interference
  • Available in silver or black
  • Made in Europe

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1 review
  1. 5/5


    Quality product from Pro/Ject, this CD player blows other players out of the water at this price range, better than more expensive players I’ve had in the past.

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