Roksan Attessa CD Transport

Roksan Attessa CD Transport

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Key info

The Roksan Attessa CD transport, perfectly pairs with either the Attessa Streaming or Integrated Amplifier. The simplicity of the design, with no unnecessary onboard circuitry, enables maximum data retrieval from your discs giving the highest quality audio playback. Likewise, the system has been designed to minimise the length of the signal path from the laser, reducing jitter. With custom firmware developed especially for the Attessa range, playback is clean, accurate and easier than ever to achieve.

Key Features

  • Optimised to be the perfect partner for the Attessa Amplifiers
  • MaestroUnite communication between CD Transport and Attessa Amplifiers means the two products combine into a single system after set up, a bespoke technology and app developed for Roksan
  • CD playback controlled from the BluOS app when partnered with the Attessa Streaming Amplifier
  • MQA playback support when combined with the Attessa Streaming Amplifier

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