Yamaha CD-S2100 CD & SACD Player

Yamaha CD-S2100 CD & SACD Player

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Key info

Yamaha CD-S2100 CD & SACD Player is designed to produce a pure, detailed and accurate performance from your CD’s. The CD-S1200 uses Yamaha’s innovative technology and complex ideas to eliminate resonance, achieve precise reading, unaffected signal and support for hi-res audio.

Single-Stage Configuration

To eliminate audio signal loss, the CD-S2100 SACD uses an innovative circuit configuration for the analogue circuit. It sharply lowers audio signal loss compared to a multi-stage configuration circuits, and lowers negative feedback, which removes any sonic suppression, for a more natural and spacious sound.

The circuits beyond this D/A converter perform balanced transmission with a circuit configuration marked by symmetrical plus and minus sides. Using a balanced connection with the A-S2100 Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier lets you enjoy profoundly pure sound reproduction without any impact of transmission loss.

Complete D/A Separation

Yamaha’s CD-S2100 SACD uses a twin power supply transformer method, complete with separate, dedicated power supply transformers for the digital and analogue circuits. By isolating the digital and analogue circuits from the transformer step, the sound quality is clearer and without risk of being affected.

A toroidal transformer is used for the analogue circuit that delivers a stable power supply with low magnetic flux leakage and superior separation.

Greater Vibration Resistance

Yamaha CD-S2100 is equipped with the same drive mechanism as Yamaha’s flagship model, CD-S3000, to achieve a more stabilised rotation and ultra-precise reading. The loader mechanism is connected firmly to the chassis by installing heavy, specially bent 1.6mm (1/16”) thick iron reinforcing anchors in front of and behind the loader mechanism, eliminating the transmission of vibration caused by disk rotation to the circuit board. In the process of assembling the CD-S2100, after the drive mechanism has been attached to the chassis, horizontal fine adjustment of each anchor is performed carefully.

While this is troublesome, it shows Yamaha’s commitment to providing the ultimate in precise signal reading. By eliminating even the slightest tilting of the mechanism, this achieves stabilised rotation and ultra-precise reading. Reducing the load of the servo that drives the pickup and lowering the impact of change of servo amperage on the signal, achieves clean signal read out with little impact of noise—drawing out every little nuance the artist has recorded.

Rigid Aluminium CD Tray

The CD tray is made of high rigidity aluminium to reduce vibrations caused by the disc or high-speed motor, to result in an improved audio signal, more reading precision and a quieter operation.

Exceptional 32-bit DAC

The D/A converter is the ES9016 from ESS Technology, which has high-precision processing of 32-bit audio, has the ability to handle large amounts of audio data, low jitter, strength in the low register and high-quality definition in the high register.

Since the built-in D/A converter generates its own master clock, an original Jitter Elimination function is also included, permitting D/A conversion with extremely low impact of clock jitter. Moreover, an 8-channel D/A converter is housed inside the chip, and applies double differential operation using 4-channel D/A converters on the right and left sides respectively. It delivers exceptional high performance and high-quality signal output with superior signal-to-noise ratio, since it employs an analogue signal processing circuit with balanced configuration.

Built-in USB DAC

Yamaha’s CD-S2100 is designed for optimum use of today’s high-res audio sources, it’s fitted with a superior DAC and balanced signal output, and equipped with a built-in USB DAC function to allow direct input of digital audio.

The built in USB DAC uses an original IC, developed specifically for Yamaha, and an internal master clock, which achieves low-jitter transmission. It supports ASIO 2.3 protocol, which is a standard protocol for professional use digital audio or DTM, to take full advantage of the sound quality and achieve lower delay and higher throughput.

The ASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB driver software allows high-quality playback of digital audio data, compatible with digital audio of up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution and supports DSD native playback.

Beautiful, Sleek Design

Yamaha have showcased a beautifully integration of different materials, metal and wood, throughout the design the CD S2100, ideal for fitting with most home decors. The two available finishes are black and silver. A remote control is supplied, which is designed in the same way as the aluminium panel of the CD player, with an easy-to-understand button layout.

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