Audiolab M-DAC DAC

Audiolab M-DAC DAC

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Key info

A multi award winner, M-DAC excels as a DAC, headphone amplifier and optional pre amplifier. A perfect desktop “hub” for listening to music from your Mac, PC and other sources.

The Audiolab M-DAC is a multi award-winning DAC and a perfect choice for enjoying better quality audio from your Mac, PC or other digital music source. Often cited as one of the best DACs under £1000, the M-DAC is the best value desktop audio hub we’ve heard for headphones listening.

For usability, a fully featured remote control is included along with high quality OLED display (clear enough to read from a distance) that shows your current input, volume level, DAC mode, sampling rate, and also shows digital level meters with dB and peak hold, making it as much a pleasure to use as to listen to.

Class Leading Sound Quality

Every aspect of M-DAC’s design has been optimised for the best possible sound quality. At its core is a 32-bit DAC from ESS Technology, an extremely high resolution DAC that resolves outstanding levels of detail and definition. With extremely low loss, polypropylene film/foil capacitors, ultra stable resistors and a four layer PCB board, there is very minimal signal loss so you’ll hear more subtle details and nuances that you may not have noticed before. All of this is matched with ultra low noise regulated power supplies for a clean and dynamic sound.

High Res Music Support

Smartly designed, the M-DAC is designed to improve the sound of your digital sources and will play high res 24-bit/192kHz files via coaxial input (optical and USB carry 24-bit/96kHz).

As such, it’s a perfect choice for enjoying high res FLAC, WMA lossless or WAV files from your computer alongside the ability to improve the sound of your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray player and other digital sources.

As stylish, impressively specified and even more impressively sounding DAC, the M-DAC is your window into a world of high res audio.

Dedicated Headphones Output

In contrast to some amplifiers that feature a basic headphones output, the M-DAC has a dedicated internal headphones stage designed to drive proper hi-fi headphones, allowing you to enjoy the best possible sound quality via headphones from your digital sources.

Selectable Audio Filters

The M-DAC also features a selectable filter system, allowing you to select from seven different audio filters to find the ideal sound. We usually recommend going “straight through” but you may find one of these filters slightly adjusts frequency response to sound better with your headphones or speakers. The filters software is also fully upgradable ( via the USB port).

Various Connections Options

A high performance design, the MDAC includes asynchronous USB, 2 x optical and 2 x coaxial digital inputs, giving you a range of input options for Mac, PC and digital sources. The Class A J-FET outputs stage includes RCA and balanced XLR connections, allowing you to also use the M-DAC as a pre amplifier with a suitable matching power amplifier (to use with passive hi-fi loudspeakers) or to connect directly to a pair of active speakers as a desktop set-up.

This means the M-DAC is more than just a stand alone DAC, it can sit at the very heart of your audio system as your hub to a world of music.

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