AURALiC LEO GX Reference Master Clock

AURALiC LEO GX Reference Master Clock

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As digital music formats and system components march ever forward in quality and capabilities, high-end audio systems increasingly rely on the precision of their clocks to keep the digital realm in order. The greater dynamic range of high resolution files for example is only realized with the help of modern clocks that are capable of working frequencies nearly ten times higher than what was common just a handful of years ago.

However, today’s high-frequency DAC clocks are costlier and much harder to design and build than ever before. Even systems that make use of traditional external clock generators (10MHz reference clocks or sampling frequency word clocks for example) are limited by the performance of the DAC’s own internal clock. The DAC can reference the external component to create its clock signal using PLL circuitry, but it can never resolve that signal more precisely than its own clocking mechanism (usually based on a crystal oscillator) allows.

AURALiC’s LEO GX, working in conjunction with the VEGA G2 Streaming DAC, takes a radically new approach to the entire concept of system clocking. Now, for the first time ever, a high-end DAC can work directly from the signal delivered by the Master Clock. Never before has it been possible to bypass a DAC’s clock entirely, in favor of the extreme precision of a dedicated, external master clock in this way.

The interplay between LEO GX and VEGA G2 is an entirely new, potentially revolutionary model of system clocking — one that delivers on high-resolution’s promise of better-than-ever dynamic range, enhanced signal-to-noise ratios, and disappearing distortion.

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