Matrix Audio X Sabre Pro MQA DAC

Matrix Audio X Sabre Pro MQA DAC

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Key info

Enjoy high resolution audio from the X Sabre Pro, a DAC equipped with MQA technology so you can hear your songs in the finest details, just as they were originally recorded. Matrix Audio X Sabre Pro MQA DAC is designed to deliver music with exceptional accuracy and dynamic range. The X-Sabre DAC can fully decode original MQA files, has touch screen controls and is housed in a slim- line unit.

MQA Full Decoder

Master Quality Authenticated audio keeps all original audio details in tact so you can listen to music the way it was originally recorded; it’s ground breaking for audio enthusiasts. With the X Sabre Pro’s MQA-supported DAC, original files can be fully decoded without help from a third party source.

High Power Hardware Platform

This DAC has an advanced 8-channel D/A chip, with an inner DSP unit and analogue circuit that performs to higher levels. The latest S/PDIF receiver has an exceptional computing performance and multi-channel processing performance. Alongside this, the new generation USB asynchronous transfer interface makes the X-Sabre Pro an excellent digital to audio converter.

Touch Control

The X-Sabre Pro MQA DAC features touch controls that are displayed on the black tempered glass front panel. Here you’ll find the input signal channel, sample rate, digital audio format and volume controls which can be operated by a 9 touch-key hidden in the LCD on the front panel.

IIS Port

The Matrix Audio X Sabre Pro MQA DAC has an array of input types, such as optical, coaxial, AES/EBU, USB and even an IIS-LVDS via HDMI connector. The is added to ensure a high-speed connection occurs between the chips and devices.

Built-In Pre- Amp

The X-Sabre Pro has a line output that can be configured with +18dB digital gain so adding an additional pre-amp isn’t necessary.

Slim-line Build

The X-Sabre DAC is housed in a slim unit that comes in black or silver. The compact unit allows this to be installed in most locations, such as in your cabinet, in your hi-fi set up or hidden away in a drawer.

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