Topping D90 III Sabre DAC

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Topping D90 III Sabre DAC

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Key info

  • Features two ES9039SPRO chips for exceptional audio performance.
  • Utilizes CPLD for remarkable jitter rejection and optimized clock signal processing.
  • Fully supports MQA decoding for authentic studio-grade audio reproduction.
  • Incorporates a brand new I/V conversion circuit for lower distortion and noise.
  • Equipped with LDAC wireless capability and offers plug-and-play compatibility with various operating systems.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Dimensions (HxWxD) 4,5 x 22 x 26 cm
Technical specifications
THD <0.0003% @20-20kHz (RCA), <0.0001% @20-20kHz (XLR)
THD+N <0.00006% @1kHz (RCA), <0.000045% @1kHz (XLR)
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz (+/- 0.1dB), 20Hz-40kHz (+/- 0.3dB) (RCA); 20Hz-20kHz (+/- 0.1dB), 20Hz-40kHz (+/- 0.3dB) (XLR)
S/N Ratio 129dB @1kHz (RCA), 135dB @1kHz (XLR)
Crosstalk -133dB @ 1kHz (RCA); -149dB @1kHz (XLR)
Output Impedance 50Ω (RCA); 100Ω (XLR)
Dynamic range 129dB @1kHz (RCA), 135dB @1 kHz (XLR)
Channel balance 0.3 dB
Noise <1. 1 uVrms
Included accessories
What's in the box Topping D90 III Sabre DAC, Bluetooth remote control, USB cable, AC cable, Bluetooth antenna, Product Information Card

Classic inheritance. Future voice. D90 III Sabre Fully Balanced HiFi DAC

Two ES9039SPRO chips

Each of the left and right audio channels independently utilizes an ES9039SPRO, providing higher SNR, greater dynamic range, and lower distortion compared to the D90SE.


We achieved incredible jitter rejection using CPLD to process the clock signal and optimize the digital signal.

Regardless of USB, optical, coaxial, AES input, jitter is as low as -160dB.

MQA full decoder

MQA can be fully approved and authenticated in the studio After capturing the recording, MQA folds the file to make it small enough to stream. It is called Music Origami’. MQA will play back on any device to deliver higher than CD-quality. When paired with an MQA decoder, the MQA file reveals the original master recording.

D90 III SABRE adopts MQA Full Decoder, which can fully expand MQA files. You can have the original recording experience of the artist in the studio and enjoy the highest sound quality.

MQA is not only supported on USB, but also on coaxial, optical, and AES inputs. Moreover, these interfaces are all compatible with the three MQA decoding methods: Renderer Renderer, MQA, and MQA Studio.

Brand new I/V conversion

A brand new I/V conversion circuit is designed for better quality audio reproduction. The new circuit design provides lower distortion and lower noise while occupying less space. The new circuit is pushed close to the limit of physics so that we are able to squeeze out the last bit of performance of the DAC chip.

Authentic reproduction

The reprocessing of music by D90 III SABRE has reached a new level: THD+N< 0.000045%. Clearer details flow into your ears.

LDAC wireless available

D90 III SABRE is equipped with QCC5125 and Bluetooth 5.1, supports LDAC/aptX-Adaptive/aptX-HD/AAC/SBC. It can support up to 96kHz/24bit, so that high-quality audio can be trans- mitted wirelessly to obtain music experience beyond CD level.

Plug and play

D90 III SABRE has a wide range of compatibility and apply to various op- erating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 11, MAC, Linux and OS/Android. Only for Windows ASIO applications, you need to install the driver and set it up. The USB hardware is based on XMOS XU316 and Thesycon driver (for Windows, other systems without driver). It’s stable and reliable.

Choose your output mode at will

D90 III SABRE has balanced XLR output and single ended RCA output. You can choose “XLR only”, “RCA only” or “RCA+ XLR” output for different applications.

In addition to the more universal XLR 4V and RCA 2V outputs, the D90 IlI SABRE also adds XLR 5V and RCA 2.5V. When XLR 4V and RCA 2V are selected, more devices can be adapted. When XLR 5V and RCA 2.5V are selected, the performance will be pushed from extreme to more extreme.

IIS – An Ultra-high Specification. Signal Input Interface

DAC IS needs to match the IS interface definition of the digital interface. The D90 III SABRE supports IIS mode selection: DSD FLAG 15, DSD FLAG 14, IIS DSDR LRCLK, IIS DSDR DATA, IIS PHASE STD, IIS PHASE REV. It is compatible with most digital interfaces*.

*Note: See bottom label for pin definitions.

Preamplifier function

Directly connect to active speaker In addition to the fixed output level DAC mode, the D90 III SABRE also has a “preamp” mode. In this mode, the D90 IlI SABRE can adjust the volume and output directly to the power amplifier or active speakers.

Bluetooth remote control available

The 2.4G Bluetooth remote control is unfazed by obstacles. Enjoy flexible control from a distance, enhancing ease of use.

Sound simulation

The D90 III SABRE supports switching between default mode, valve mode, and transistor mode.

A90 Discrete will be the best headphone amplifier for D90 III SABRE

Full balanced discrete NFCA module, ultra high output capability, 0.000055% ultra low THD+N. 0.1 ohm output impedance, wide gain setting, high output voltage, almost suitable for driving all kinds of headphones.

12V Trigger

The D90 III SABRE is equipped with 12V Trigger input and output, which support being triggered by other devices, as well as actively triggering other devices to switch on and off synchronously.

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