Cayin HA-3A Headphone Amplifier

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Cayin HA-3A Headphone Amplifier

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Key info

  • The HA-3A is a compact, high-quality vacuum tube headphone amplifier with advanced engineering for an immersive audio experience.
  • Features an RCA 25AX4GT rectifier tube and hand-matched driver (12AU7/ECC82) and output (6V6GT) tubes for optimal performance.
  • Utilizes a 2-stage single-ended vacuum tube circuit and transformer-coupled balanced drive for superior sound quality.
  • Offers multiple headphone outputs (6.35mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced, 4-pin XLR balanced) optimized for various impedance levels.
  • Built with meticulous craftsmanship, including point-to-point wiring, in-house designed power transformers, and special shielding for noise reduction.


When exquisite design accomplished by first class engineering, when aesthetic backed up by rigorous production. The HA-3A vacuum tube headphone amplifier let you enjoy your beloved music through your choice of headphones or earphones in a dedicated, engaging, and indulging retreat. HA-3A might look compact and simple, but Cavin has devoted our renowned engineering, decades of audio equipment manufacturing and carefully selected performance-based components to make this happen.

Clean Power with Minumum Interference

HA-3A uses an RCA 25AX4GT as rectifier tube, one of the best versions of 25AX4GT available in tube market.

While converting imcoming power source to DC current the 25AX4GT rectifier tube minimises interference and provides clean power to the amplification circuit.

Carefully Selected and Hand-matched Vacuum Tubes

  • Driver Tubes – Dual 12AU7/ECC82(Matched Pair) from JJ.*
  • Output Tubes – Dual 6V6GT (Matched Pair) from Electro Harmonix.*

Single-ended Vacuum Tube Circuit

The HA-3A vacuum tube amplification is designed as a 2-stage single-ended circuit.

The 12AU7/ECC82 driver tubes will amplify the voltage level of the incoming audio signal so that the 6V6 output tubes will perform its amplification at a very linear condition.

Single-ended circuit design displaces the beautiful tone of your vacuum tubes without any cancellation.

Single-ended uses matched pair instead of matched quad-set tubes, you can enjoy greater flexibility when you perform tube rolling.

Transformer-coupled Balanced Driven

The 6V6 output drives a pair of proprietary output transformers that supports single-ended and balanced headphone outputs.

The secondary winding of the output transformer provide an alternative phase and compose a balanced output, enables balanced driver from a single-ended vacuum tube amplification circuit.

Both single-ended and balanced headphones are “original” outputs from the transformers.

Impedance Matched Phone Output

Cayin’s engineers have optimized HA-3A’s output to handle the headphone loading according to three headphone impedance settings:

  • Low: 80 ~ 640.
  • Medium: 650 ~ 2500.
  • High: 2510 – 6000.

Carefully Optimized Headphone Outputs

  • 6.35mm Single-ended.
  • 4.4mm Balanced.
  • 4-Pin XLR Balanced.

The 4-Pin XL output is a full-fetched output but the 4.4mm output is optimized for wider range of headphones including high sensitivity portable headphones.

The Hidden Details

The chassis and transformer pots are treated by our proprietary 14 rounds of crafting process composed of scratch, spray, sanding and baking.

The high gloss final finishing endows a refined and delicate texture as well as protecting the amplifier during years of long service.

Dual Inputs

Balanced (XLR) and Single-ended (RCA) to cover a variety of inputs.

Balanced input will go through a pair of input transformers, the + and – half cycle will merge to become a single-ended signal.

Point-to-Point Wiring with Craftmanship

Time consuming, shortest signal path, better attention to detail, the entire circuitry is handwired by skillful craftmen.

Implement circuit design with high-level of transparency and refinement, improves overal efficiency and conductivity.

In-house Designed Premium Power Transtormers

Cayin always design, wind and use high inductance, high efficiency power transformers in our products. Reinforcing shielding design minimizes the interference and noise while ensure HA-3A to work in the best condition.

High Quality Volume Control

High performance 50KA*2 Dual Unit smooth potentiometer from ALPS offers durable, high-precision volume control with excellent operational fee.

Anti-inference Design

Special shielding and anti-shock design removes microphonic effectively.

Three XL Aluminum Foot Pads

A set of three 39x18mm XL shock-absorbing aluminum foot pads to provide firm and stable amplifier placement at any hard flat surface.

2-rear & 1-front self-levelled placement to handle the extra weight on the back of the amplifier due to the power and output transformers.

Bundled Protection

Specially designed vacuum tube shielding cage to protect users from touching the red hot vacuum tubes during operation.

60 seconds start-up delay circuit

Enhances circuit protection and minimizes pop noise during start-up.

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