Cayin HA-6A Headphone Amplifier

Cayin HA-6A Headphone Amplifier

Key info

Simply put, an incredibly versatile and adaptable high end headphone amplifier! These HA-6A’s from Cayin are specifically built for the UK market.

Allows for a beautiful tonal adjustment via tube selection (KT88 / EL34) and operations in both triode or ultra linear mode.

Perfect impedance matching to the respective headphones.

Hand wiring of the entire audio circuit – the HA-6A offers a no compromise design and a quite exceptional build quality.

Voltage rectification via tubes.

Perfectly selected output transformers for unmatched quality of the balanced output with hugely impressive spatial positioning, channel separation and dynamics.

Puristic power management: The multi-level, separate voltage amplification of the power supply with independent voltage regulation ensures that the ripple effect due to current disturbances is minimised. This guarantees a musical and fluid reproduction without grain and hardness.

High precision audio potentiometer with a finely tuned 24 step control via hand matched/paired resistors.

Line structure using silver-plated audio cables with excellent shielding to avoid interference.

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