Enleum HPA-23RM Headphone Amplifier

Enleum HPA-23RM Headphone Amplifier

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Key info

The HPA-23RM contains two amplifiers in one package as it employs both voltage and current outputs. The voltage output circuit is directly inherited from the AMP-23R’s latest MOSFETs output stage with a simplified version of the JET2 Bias circuit. While its unique current output is a descendant of the HPA-21’s bipolar transistor based circuit, its modern design is even more refined with advanced technologies.

Furthermore, thanks to the technological advancements in the battery power supply design and efficient thermal design, one can now listen to Enleum’s reference circuits in a much smaller package.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 730 g
Dimensions (HxWxD) 116 x 164.5 x 22mm
Output power 1 Watts (R mode) / 500 mWatts (M mode) @ 30ohms
Inputs RCA and 1/8″ Mini Jack (Analogue)
Outputs 1/4″ (Current) and 1/8″ (Voltage) Headphone Jacks


Every critical component and circuit of the HPA-23RM work in harmony to provide the utmost headphone listening experience. The HPA-23RM shares the same circuits with the award-winning AMP-23R. Yet the output stage design is new, incorporating ideas from the AMP-23R’s JET2 Bias circuit. It also employs the all new improved current output circuit from the legacy Bakoon HPA-21. The HPA-23RM’s novel power supply allows the headphone amplifier to be operated in “R” mode for full output power when powered by external power or battery via USB C. The “M” mode is for more efficient use, powered only by its internal batteries for portable use.


The Enleum HPA-23RM is a true feat of engineering and design. It offers our most powerful yet smallest high-end headphone amplifier in a uniquely designed casing. It has been created to provide no compromises and to support both desktop and portable listening for the discerning audiophile and design enthusiast. The clean design is enhanced by the minimalist user-interface, and it features Enleum’s renowned quality of design that make this amplifier a true work of art.

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